“It’s hugely satisfying because you know that you are establishing something that’s yours, something that’s both collective and personal, which little by little builds itself up.”

-Yardena Alamkeis, member of the Agala Consumer Cooperative in Mitzpe Ramon

Social Justice

The founders of Zionism valued the Jewish commandment of social justice, in the spirit of “Love your neighbor as yourself” and “Justice, justice, you shall pursue” – which express the Jewish commitment to caring for the other, the weak, the foreigner, and the poor.

The State of Israel was founded as a Jewish state with Jewish values and Dror Israel wishes to fulfill this aspiration and fight for social justice in Israeli society.

Programs include:

  • Participation in social campaigns and coalitions which fight for social justice and equality
  • The only trade union for youth in Israel – counseling and legal guidance for thousands of working youth each year.
  • Tours and educational activities on the topic of social justice in Israeli society for dozens of schools and thousands of students each year.
  • Cultural and music activities in the social and geographic periphery of Israel.
  • Training and guidance for new and existing cooperatives throughout the country.

Dror Israel fights social and economic inequality in Israel, empowers disadvantaged communities, strengthens the status of women in society, fights for workers’ rights and combats exploitation, and much more.

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