“We talk about what they think about me, what I think about them, in general about the country, what will help there be peace between us. We eat together, sit around the same table, talk about the same things.”

- Latifa Barhoom, participant at shared society seminar

Shared Society

We believe in the spirit of the Israeli Declaration of Independence, which established equal rights for all Israeli citizens:

To us, Zionism includes complete equality and true partnership between the Jewish people and the Arab citizens of the state of Israel. In this spirit, members of Dror Israel operate coexistence programs throughout Israel – in the north, the center and the Negev.

Our coexistence programs bring together Jews and Arabs, and emphasize what we all have in common, which we believe can lead to true partnership between all Israeli citizens.

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Programs include:

  • Over 18,000 Arab and Druze participants each year.
  • The common language program – Hebrew and Arab study for children, teens and adults.
  • Women’s empowerment groups.
  • Joint facilitation of groups of separate and mixed groups.
  • Joint cultural and musical events.
  • Activities to prevent violence and encourage dialogue in mixed cities.

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