"Before, I never knew what it was like to talk to someone, face to face, tell them what's bothering me, how I feel, and what I'm experiencing. I suddenly started looking at my future. Before then I never thought about my future, I never imagined I had a future."

- Avi Abu-Zneid, graduate of the Eshbal Boarding School


There are some 400,000 children and youth in Israel defined as at-risk. We feel an obligation towards them, just like all children and youth in Israel.

Over the years, Dror Israel members have developed a unique and groundbreaking pedagogy based on the foundations of dialogue between educator and student, group learning and alternative manners of evaluation. We believe that each student can progress and experience meaning and success on a personal, social and academic level, should they only choose to do so.

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Programs include:

  • The Dror Batei Chinuch network, which includes seven schools for at-risk youth.
  • After-school programs for children and youth which seek to empower students both personally and academically in disadvantaged neighborhoods throughout Israel.
  • The Eshbal Boarding School for at-risk youth, primarily targeted towards Ethiopian-Israelis.
  • 70 sports teams (soccer, basketball, martial arts, and more) for boys and girls, throughout the country in diverse communities.
  • National educational center which trains and guides educational staff.

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