"After my army service, I moved to Sderot with my group. We have established the Educational Center for Peace; ran activities in shelters during Operation Protective Edge; and established various groups of young adults . Together, we are getting through these difficult times for the city and together we see its beautiful side over and over again.”

- Raz Rotem, member of the Sderot Educators’ Kibbutz


Dror Israel believes in the power of youth and young adults in Israel to fulfill their endless potential and make long-lasting change in society, making Israel into a better and more just society. We believe that all educational encounters between educators and students have the potential to demand action, and small actions can make great changes.

All movement activities, frameworks and groups demand of the students to take personal responsibility and choose to lead communities and societies socially and morally.

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Programs include:

  • Over 1,500 young adult members of educators’ kibbutzim who devote their time to social change in Israel and establish groundbreaking communal groups in Israel’s social and geographic periphery.
  • Training seminars for youth – Jewish, Arab and Druze – with over 9,500 participants each year.
  • National service and gap year programs with over 700 high school graduates each year – facilitated by Hanoar Haoved Vehalomed Youth movement.
  • 25 community-based study and leadership groups with over 500 young adult participants working for social change.
  • A leadership and community involvement boarding school and a pre-military academy (Mechina) targeted towards graduates of trade schools who develop leadership skills for the Israeli economy.
  • Educational journeys to Poland which commemorate the Holocaust and emphasize leadership, heroism and rebellion.
  • Guidance of adult volunteer groups.

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