"It bothers me that other people think I have to choose one identity – only Israeli – and can’t be Ethiopian-Israeli. I am both and don’t want to pick only one. I have a beautiful history that I want people to learn from.”

- Liel Massala, Hanoar Haoved Vehalomed youth movement activity coordinator


We believe that aliyah of Jews from around the world to Israel is the lifeblood of Zionism, and symbolizes personal responsibility to the Jewish people and its development in the land of Israel.

Aliyah poses many challenges as to the development of a diverse and complex Israel society with a shared moral center, without discrimination or hierarchy between the various parts which make up the Jewish people and Israeli society.

Dror Israel – a Zionist movement – educates youth who have made aliyah, including attention to their unique needs and creating diverse educational platforms and encounters between Israeli youth and Jewish youth abroad, with the goal of continuing Zionist aliyah to Israel.

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Programs include:

  • Dozens of groups throughout the country of youth who have made aliyah to Israel, primarily Ethiopian-Israelis and olim from the Former Soviet Union.
  • Absorption of new olim to the movement’s educators’ kibbutzim.
  • Hebrew study and ulpan programs.
  • Guidance for youth groups in Jewish communities throughout the world, primarily English-speaking countries (North America, France, Britain, Australia and New Zealand)
  • Partnership with Habonim Dror – Labor Zionist Youth movement throughout the world.
  • Relationships and cooperation with Jewish communities throughout the world, including hosting delegations in Israel and sending educational delegations abroad.

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